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AWS has been so popular among all cloud platforms. As all platforms have by nature, developing an application on AWS has many challenges like deployment, lack of knowledge, debugging, and of course cost management. To reduce and prevent these drawbacks, there are some beneficial tools to give a try before deploying to the cloud. LocalStack and AWS SAM are great tools for testing purposes on local.

LocalStack is an open-source framework that mocks several AWS cloud services and provides a testing environment on local. For more detail, the webpage and Github repo can be seen.

I’ve designed a fully-serverless auditor project called discount-spotter which simply scrapes a URL and sends a notification if the price is below the threshold. The project basically requires AWS services such as EventBridge for the auditor, Lambda for data transformation, SQS for message queuing, and SNS for notification. For the URL-scrape step, I’ve set the threshold of 5000 and chose a smartphone on Trendyol which is the largest e-commerce company in Turkey. …

Anil Ustundag

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