Apache Kafka is a great event streaming platform with providing highly scalable infrastructure and offers several tools in its ecosystem. It enables parallel processing over messages, meaning that you can partition a topic into several parallel pipelines and process messages at scale.

The more parallelism you apply with partitions, the more confusion you get on the consumption order of events if it matters. Each event is represented by a pair of key-value. To have events in order, a key must be set to make Kafka send events to the same partition. If a key not provided, Kafka will share the…

AWS has been so popular among all cloud platforms. As all platforms have by nature, developing an application on AWS has many challenges like deployment, lack of knowledge, debugging, and of course cost management. To reduce and prevent these drawbacks, there are some beneficial tools to give a try before deploying to the cloud. LocalStack and AWS SAM are great tools for testing purposes on local.

LocalStack is an open-source framework that mocks several AWS cloud services and provides a testing environment on local. For more detail, the webpage and Github repo can be seen.

I’ve designed a fully-serverless auditor…

Anil Ustundag

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